2016 - 09 - 12

Scientific conference at Liubavas Manor

A scientific conference “Rapolas Slizienis, a Bridge between Peripheral Nations”, dedicated to Rapolas Slizienis (1804–1881), a famous Lithuanian sculptor of the 19th century, who has lived and created at Liubavas Manor, was held in the Europos parkas (English: the Park of Europe) museum and the Liubavas Manor House on 8 September. There is not much information on the talented sculptor and architect of the 19th century, who was lived, worked and was buried at Liubavas Manor chapel. Hence, the historians of our country in partnership with their colleagues from Poland and Belarus were trying to reveal the identity of this talented artist as well as the cultural context of the period. 
Reports at the conference were delivered by Lithuanian historians and researchers (Dr Reda Griškaitė, Associate Prof. Dr Birutė Rūta Vitkauskienė, Dr Jolanta Širkaitė) as well as guests from Poland (Dr Lilia Kowkiel, Piotr Slizien) and Belarus (Valeri Kaliasinski). It is planned to have a separate publication issued to contain all materials of the conference.
The conference is part of the project on the Conservation of Liubavas Manor Officine and Orangery and Its Adaptation to Cultural and Public Needs undertaken by Public Enterprise “Europos parkas” in partnership with the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU). The project is funded by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism in conjunction with the Republic of Lithuania.
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